This blog is called Beth to the Death.

beth to the death
Always killing the mood by bringing up matters of dire consequence.

but it’s not “about me.”

It’s about my practice of becoming more whole,

so that my kid can see what that looks like:

  • a person who is willing to take responsibility for all of who she is, the light and the dark,
  • a person who realizes that through her own healing, she is capable of minimizing the suffering in her communities, large and small,
  • a person who is willing to stop inflicting pain on herself and others by not acknowledging her own wounds, by refusing to accept her own blind spots.


In some circles, this is called enlightment, or awareness, or embodiment.

I like to just think about power. The loving kind.  

We are so powerful when we take responsibility for what we can change.

We are powerless when we are being control freak-y about things we cannot change.

Who do you want your child to see? What do you want your child to believe about their relationship to themselves and to the world?

Your day-to-day choices are what shape their beliefs.

And yours.  

We are all healers, doing the daily work of healing. Or choosing to avoid it.

Remember: our healing is not going to be glamorous. It is going to be healing.

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